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There are lots of things to see in and around The Woodstock Arms B & B in Inistioge. Whatever your interests you will find that the village of Inistioge is a great centre to base your stay in the sunny south-east of Ireland.
If you are coming to Inistioge to steep yourself in the history and architecture that Ireland is renowned for, you couldn't find a better place to start!

Our own building dates from  1790 and is home to the The Woodstock Arms bed and breakfast accommodation and our traditional Irish pub.

The village of Inistioge alone is a wonderful start to your trip from the ten arch 1763 bridge that leads into the village from the south to the many churches (ruined and new)  along with the numerous other architectural gems that pack the village. Want to find out more CLICK HERE!

This is not to mention the nearby Medieval city of Kilkenny with the dominant Kilkenny Castle at its heart along with two many to name other buildings, churches, cathedrals and monastic sites.
Woodstock Arms (The) 1790-1810

Woodstock Gardens and Arboretum Inistioge Kilkennt Ireland
Whether you love gardening or just like to take a stroll in  a peaceful scenic environment the Woodstock gardens located in the grounds of the Woodstock House just a short walk (uphill) from the square in Inistioge village.

The gardens have many features including an Arboretum, Winter gardens, picnic area, children's playground and tea rooms (opening hours change depending on the time of year).

If you are planning a trip why not check out the Woodstock Gardens new Woodstock Explorer Pack which can be downloaded HERE (.pdf file 8.8mb)

You might need adobe reader to view this file but it can be downloaded for free HERE.

Ireland is renowned for it's Arts and crafts people and Inistioge is the jewel in it's crown when it comes to artist's, writers and photographers to mention just a few.

If your coming to stay in the centrally located accommodation of The Woodstock Arms bed and breakfast in Inistioge between mid March and October plan a visit to the Arts & Crafts centre that opened in 2010 it has regular exhibits that change about every four weeks.

If you would like more information about the Inistioge Arts & Crafts Centre you can phone 086 8568259 / 086 8332256 or visit the curator (Jeanne Hecksher-Doyle) at LinkedIn.com by clicking HERE.
Sample work from Edward Fox Doyle that was displayed in the Inistioge Arts and Crafts Centre

Dunbrody Famine Ship - Newross, Wexford only 20 mins from Inistioge
Get a unique insight into the history of Ireland during the Great Famine.

Dunbrody was primarily a cargo vessel and carried timber from Canada, cotton from the southern states of the USA and guano from Peru. The ship was fitted out with bunks and facilities for passengers desperate to escape the harrowing conditions at home. From 1845 to 1851, between April and September, she carried passengers on her outward journeys to Canada and the USA. She usually carried 176 people but on one crossing, at the height of the Famine in 1847, she carried 313.

If you would like to find out more about the ship and the Dunbrody Visitor Experience you can visit HERE.

Dunmore Cave is eleven kilometres north of Kilkenny City (about 30 minutes drive from Inistioge Village) and, like other caves across the country, is formed by limestone which was laid down over 300 million years ago. It contains almost a quarter of a mile of passages and at its deepest point is 150 foot below the surface. Although this is smaller than many of the caves around the country, the beauty and magic of its calcite formations as well as its scientific and historical interest make it one of Ireland's most fascinating caves.

If you would like to find out more about opening hours and facilities at the caves so you can plan a visit to the caves while staying at The Woodstock Arms B&B you will find opening times, entrance rates and more by clicking HERE.
Dunmore Caves in Kilkenny - Open to the public with a good visitor centre.